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Your systems run better with Gruber automation

Gruber-Automation offers a range of services related to production systems. In addition to programming support for Siemens controls, commissioning of machine tools and cycle time analysis, we also offer corresponding cycle time optimization. With over 20 years of experience, Gruber-Automation also solves complex tasks in the area of ​​automation of industrial plants. Customers can be pleased that existing systems are capable of more if the control software is optimized. It has been shown again and again that systems equipped with Gruber-Automation software run significantly faster.


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​Our story

Over 20 years ago, Henri Jonathan Gruber recognized his talent for identifying errors in systems. He quickly found his way into the world of PLC programming and quickly gained experience through a variety of assignments around the world. He wrote the software for - Special machines, - machine tools, - welding systems, - linked production systems and - Press automation. The goal for a wide range of operations was to create a system that was easy to operate, ran reliably and was fault-tolerant. During the process support, each system was optimized for cycle times. Clear error texts with instructions made it possible for the customer to troubleshoot the system themselves.


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