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Do you have a new project and need support in implementing the software? We gladly support you!

PLC - PLC ​ When it comes to classic automation tasks, we work with Step7 Classic or the TIA Portal (TIA V13, TIA V14, TIA V15.1 TIA V16 and TIA V17). That doesn't mean that the control has to be from Siemens. Other manufacturers also offer controls that can be programmed with Step7 Classic and TIA. These include, for example, the controls from Vipa or Insevis. Especially now that the delivery situation has become dramatic, it is even more important to be able to work with alternative products. Siemens currently has delivery times of up to 12 months for controls. Other manufacturers can sometimes deliver much faster.

By the way, we can also work with Beckhoff, B&R, Allen Bradley and Co. However, we certainly have the most experience with the controls that can be programmed in the Siemens development environment S7 Classic and TIA. HMI ​ The HMI (Human Machine Interface) is the interface between humans and machines. On the one hand, it is used for operation, i.e. as an input device. On the other hand, it can also be used as a display, i.e. as an output device. The HMI can be implemented very quickly with WinCC using a Siemens panel or on an IPC. Other panels from Insevis, for example, can also be implemented very quickly. The Siemens development environment differs only slightly from the Insevis development environment. The biggest difference is probably the price. It should be noted that the speed of response to input and subsequent display is significantly better with the Insevis devices.

If the HMI needs to handle more complex tasks than WinCC and Co. can handle, then we use .net. Depending on what is desired, we can offer you solutions in C# or In the .net world, many useful tools can be programmed to make your life easier. ​ Interfaces ​ In order to be able to link components with each other, interfaces are required. There are very old interfaces that are still used, such as the RS232 interface. And then there are interfaces that are increasingly being replaced by others. Profibus is increasingly being replaced by Profinet. In the same way, the ASI bus is increasingly being replaced by IO-Link. This trend is understandable because the new interfaces have their advantages. This means that IRT and IO can run in parallel on the same bus on the Profinet bus. Overall, significantly more data can be transported. And thanks to IO-Link, even simple inductive sensors can now provide excellent data for predictive maintenance. One thing is clear: we move with the times and like to use new products that have proven themselves. ​


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