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Gruber Automation automates small to medium-sized systems. These can be presses, punching tools, drilling machines, milling machines, lathes, welding systems or even assembly units. Our hobbyhorse is clearly the automation of presses. This is primarily due to the long-standing collaboration with the company Ganz-Automation. Together we have built blank loaders, linear feeders, conveyor belts, lifting units, gripper systems, gluing stations, loading systems and much more.In these projects, Gruber-Automation took particular care of the software development, commissioning and e-technical implementation. ​ Three-press chain - automation ​ A customer had implemented different process steps on three different presses. In some cases, the product was brought into its final shape with just one pressing tool; for other products, subsequent steps on another press were necessary. The insertion of the raw parts into the presses as well as the transport between the process steps was carried out entirely by human hands before the automation was installed. The requirement for the automation of the linked presses was that the full variance was maintained and all linking options between the presses were covered by the automation.

We installed automation that met all requirements. Thanks to automation, the productivity of the three presses was almost tripled. Several twin board loaders were delivered that can be loaded directly through the forklift. The twin board loader has two accesses, so that the board loader can continue to work even while it is being filled or fitted with new boards and the entire process is not stopped. Furthermore, several linear inserts were installed, which insert and remove the blanks into the pressing tools with the highest speed and precision. Conveyor belts provided the connection to the subsequent steps. On a press, certain products had “cutting waste” that resulted from the punching process. These were previously removed by the machine operator. We designed an automated scrap removal system specifically for this purpose. Previously, removal from the pressing tool only took place after the press had reached TDC (top dead center), i.e. when the press had fully started up again. Thanks to the automation, this removal could take place when the press was starting up, before it reached TDC, so that this holding time could be completely eliminated. Furthermore, automated paper inserters with an automated gluing station for product descriptions as well as flexible labelers were installed. The process steps are monitored and, if necessary, documented using vision systems.

After installing the automation, the entire system now only requires one setter for a product change and one forklift driver to feed the raw material and transport the finished products. A setup process or converting to an already used product, including changing the three pressing tools, now takes around 35 minutes. Setting up a completely new product with completely new dimensions takes a maximum of 55 minutes, provided the suction cups do not have to be changed. Gruber-Automation specializes in particular in the automation of processes. No matter which part needs to be transported through the complex production steps - we will find a suitable solution for you. ​ Carton folding machine - retrofit ​ Cardboard folding machines are large machines that fold, glue and press cardboard boxes at incredibly high speeds. Depending on the size and type of box, up to 14,000 boxes per hour can be produced on one system. Using highly dynamic rotational folding hooks, tabs can also be folded in the direction of travel of the box. In the “Retrofit of the carton folding machine” project, all control cabinets were replaced by Specht-Automation. Gruber-Automation was able to equip the system with new and modern software within a very short time. With the new software based on TIA V17, the customer is now able to have optimizations, maintenance or adjustments carried out by any Siemens programming. This gives the customer independence and flexibility.


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An old, but still mechanically completely intact surface grinding machine should be electrically renewed from the ground up. The control cabinet and the electrical assembly were carried out by the customer himself, by KW-Abrichttechnik GmbH. Gruber-Automation supplied the software and put the surface grinding machine into operation. Due to the new controls, various functions could be added that were not previously available. Functions such as plunge grinding, multiple plunge grinding, dressing on the side as well as in the circumference, zero point shifts, data record management and much more can now be implemented. This retrofit made it possible to turn an outdated surface grinding machine into a presentable, modern surface grinding machine with servo drives at low cost.


Do you also have an old machine that still works well, but is no longer up to date electrically? Get in touch with us - we'll be happy to make you an offer!


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