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Do you have an old machine or system that is mechanically sound but is getting old in terms of control technology? We make new out of old!

Complete retrofit ​ We have already given many old machines and systems a new life cycle. Because the mechanics are often well maintained and still in perfect working order. Only the controls are getting old. In the large control cabinet there is “rattle technology” with contactor circuits that are no longer reliable. The security technology no longer corresponds to the state of the art. A retrofit makes sense here. All electrics will be replaced with new ones. We install the new electrics with new drive technology and new controls into your existing system in record time. Ideally, you can avoid having to buy a new system. The system operators and setters only need to be trained in the changes. The mechanical conditions remain known to the system operator and setter and lead to greater acceptance. The old systems can be integrated into the company network through the retrofit and can be better monitored. Retrofitting can be interesting from many points of view. Have we piqued your interest? Then give us a call! ​ Part retrofit ​ For some machines and systems, it makes sense to only replace part of the electrics, electromechanics or controls. For example, if you have an old conventional lathe or milling machine that still works well, linear glass scales could be interesting. Thanks to the digital display of the position, the precision and speed of handling can be significantly improved. Or if you have a drill without a tapping cycle, we would be happy to retrofit this for you. ​ Interest? Write us!

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