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Predictive Maintenance

Do you already know predictive maintenance? Predictive maintenance can be of interest in almost all production systems!

Avoid downtime and create stability

With this software module, your system reports a possible component failure before the system comes to a standstill. There are two different aspects here: 1. Consideration of the mileage of the components Every moving part must be supported in a specific way. These bearings are inevitably worn out after a certain mileage and must be replaced. The running performance of bearings is often not recorded by the control system. The bearing will then only be replaced when damage is detected. This is often unpleasant because the exchange has to be planned at short notice. It is not uncommon for production to have to be stopped at an inconvenient time. By recording the mileage, it is possible to predict very precisely when the mileage will be reached. With this information alone, maintenance can be easily planned in advance during normal use.

2. Consideration of changes in sensor data (currents, speed, vibration, etc.) If a crash occurs, it is not always clear which components were damaged and how badly. Information can be obtained here through the metadata of the sensors. Short circuits in motors do not cause them to stop immediately. They initially get warmer and continue to run. It is impossible to say exactly when an engine will fail without measuring it. By continuously measuring and recording the current, damage to the motor can be identified. In this way, the replacement can be planned at an early stage, even before the machine comes to a spontaneous standstill. An unplanned system downtime can be avoided if the maintenance and repair measures are carried out at the right time. Through correct predictions, maintenance and repair work can be planned well. The result is more stability in production. ​ Interest?


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