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Process support

A new process has been set up and is not yet running properly?


We gladly support you!

Problems in the process ​ If commissioning doesn't really go according to plan, problems with the process often arise afterwards. The system works somehow, but not really properly. It is not uncommon for companies to experience delivery difficulties due to problems in the process. The problems can be very diverse: Too much scrap is produced or the system often stops and the system operator doesn't know why - because there is no message text or corresponding error message or monitoring is effective even though no defects can be found in the product itself. The cause can, for example, lie in a vision system that is not set correctly or is insufficiently protected from external lighting. The cause can also be an incorrectly set or even incorrectly selected proximity switch. No matter what causes the problems, if a process is not running properly, the required number of items per day will not be achieved. The cycle time per part may be sufficient, but the process stability is not. Here it is advisable to take a close look at the entire process. By observing and logging process data, all disturbance variables can usually be determined. Gruber-Automation has written a PLC data logger not only for process analysis, but also for general troubleshooting. This data logger makes it possible to log all data that is processed in the PLC with millisecond precision and an exact time stamp. This data can then be further processed and evaluated using additional tools. If the disturbance variables are known after the analysis, the right measures can be taken and the required process stability can be achieved. We are happy to accompany your process, analyze it and give you the opportunity to take the right measures. ​ Interest? Write us!

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