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Remote maintenance

Does your system not yet have remote maintenance? Can't your service hotline check on the system remotely? Does your IT department not allow a connection to the network? We have a solution!

Availability and performance ​


With the FWB1000 remote maintenance box we can reach your systems worldwide. With this solution, we can ensure remote maintenance 24/7. The FW1000 remote maintenance box enables direct access to the system, immediately and at any time. If your IT department does not allow a connection to the network, the remote maintenance box can be connected via UMTS, LTE or G5. The prerequisite is that there is cell phone reception at the location. Our remote maintenance box works with TCPIP. Compared to remote maintenance solutions via Telnet etc., TCPIP solutions are significantly more powerful. Variables, process data or interactions with the system operator can be edited in real time. ​


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